It is now possible that wine can go from ordinary to extraordinary in the time it takes to pour a glass! By using our Vintensify Wine Aerator Decanter, you can enjoy the subtleties of great wines and make ‘not so great’ wines more enjoyable. Imagine your friends wondering, “Did this wine cost a fortune or does it just taste expensive?” Imagine your wine choices going from ordinary to extraordinary in only a few seconds! Entertaining with great food and friends is an activity we all want to make memorable. Entertaining or simply enjoying a glass of wine at home to unwind present perfect opportunities to try this innovative wine aerator for red wine, with its globally patented triple aeration system which will dramatically improve the flavor of red (and white wines). The Vintensify will enhance your wine, your entertaining and it’s easy, fast and fun! Our best wine aerator decanter, will ‘Vintensify your enjoyment ‘of both red and white wines. With each wine you try, first, pour a taste directly from the bottle into one glass. Then, into a second glass, pour some wine through the aerator. Taste the first glass then the second! What a difference! Need an extraordinary wedding gift? A unique hostess gift? Memorable birthday or anniversary gift? Thank-you or corporate gifts? Vintensify your thoughtfulness with this – our #1 best wine aerator in its beautiful packaging.

HowItWorks   The aerator features a unique globally patented triple aeration system. The first stage is umbrella shaped and creates as fine spray of wine as it pours forming a flat thin sheet allowing for air exposure from the top and bottom. The second stage, is a drizzle plate with 32 holes that separates the wine into micro droplets, forcing air in and around the tiny wine spheres. Stage three creates a forced air vortex that circulates air through the liquid as the droplets rejoin as flow into your glass. Voila! You have a fully aerated wine in seconds. The Vintenisfy wine aerator is easy to use – just hold over your glass and pour. Really that is it! No spills and no leaks! And the stand included makes it hassle free – just use the stand to catch drips and keep the aerator handy. You can also use the velveteen carrying bag to carry safely to a party, picnic or other occasion. WHY USE A WINE AERATOR? The aerator allows air to mix with the wine which provides the flavors with a richness because they have had a chance to further develop, and is much easier and faster than decanting. This essential wine accessory is handy, easy to use and ensures smoother taste. You will find you will be able to notice subtle and individual scents, and flavor accents more fully.
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